Our Mission

Our Mission Is to Inform, Educate And Entertain our Viewers

Who Are We

NosTv Bonaire is a local Tv station Broadcasting for the entire world

About us

Nos TV is part of the Flamingo TV cable company and started it’s activities in 2008. The concept of Nos TV is a broad spectrum by making programs that are important for the Bonarian community with a local character. NosTv works with various organizations and institutions to create more programs with a local touch that are inspiring, humorous and other programs for young people.

Since mid 2009 Nos TV started with live broadcasts, such as Carnaval, which is normally in the first quarter of the year. During this period everyone will meet, both local residents and visitors. Everyone can come and enjoy the party and it gives a good feeling. Windsurfing is a very popular sport on the island, the same applies to Regatta. Rincon Day (Dia di Rincon) that takes place on April 30th. During Dia Di Rincon local residents and visitors come and enjoy cultural music, local food and drinks.

2015 NosTv starts with the Live Broadcast of the news. Before this the news was recorded earlier and then later it will Broadcasted. In the same year NosTv and “Fundashon Wega Di Number Boneiru” started the lottery of Bonaire this was the first Bonaire had ever done. It was in the month of April, so in 2015 NosTv had two big steps in live broadcast.

2017 was also a great year for NosTv, this year during the Carnival NosTv started with the test run of HD recordings and boradcasting with completely new technology. This test went well NosTv has completely implemented this system in their studio after Carnaval 2017 and NosTv has  started doing full HD productions and broadcasting



Flamingo Tv

NosTv is Broadcasting it’s signals to two channel on ta FlamingoTv infrastructure. The well known Channel 24 SD and Since 2017 NosTv is Broadcasting HD on Channel 62-24.



Since 2016 NosTv has been streaming all it’s Live Programs on Facebook.



NosTv have been streaming a couple of years also on it’s website nostvbonaire.com

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